Portugal has many holidays. The festivities mentioned below are only a selection of the larger festivals.


  • Chocolate
    The second half of March, in the Óbidos Chocolate Festival. The festival offers workshops and other activities.


  • Fatima
    On 13 May and 13 October thousands of pilgrims gather in Fatima to commemorate the apparition of Mary to three shepherd children. Some pilgrims than a pilgrimage on foot behind the back of 200 km. The route goes right past the house, so in the weeks before you can see all the walkers in yellow vests long run.
  • Festas de Lisboa
    From 15 May to 15 July celebrates Lisbon 'sardientjes' party. Activities include: parades, fado concerts, the Gay Parade and a grand final concert. The program can be found online.


  • Festa da Cereja
    In June, there are several festivals around picking cherries. The two most important are those of the "cherry capital 'Fundão and in Resende.
  • Dia de Portugal
    The death of poet laureate Luís Vaz de Camões On June 10 traditionally commemorated. Since 1978 it is a national holiday in honor of Portugal and the Portuguese.
  • Festa da São João
    Street Festival on 23 June 24 with music, sardines, wine and fireworks. Striking tradition hitting each other with a plastic hammer. Especially Porto is known for the exuberance of the street.


  • Festival do Vinho Português
    You around 19 to 27 July in Bombarral discover Portuguese wines during the wine festivals.
  • Medieval festivals
    Óbidos hold an annual medieval festival around 7 to 24 July with music, games and lots of food. More information on the website.
  • Piano Festival
    You late July, early August in Obidos listening a week to the piano playing of international talents. For more info: www.pianobidos.pt


  • Onions Festival Coimbra / Feira das Cebolas
    Traditional party with music, food and games, based on the ancient tradition that attract onion farmers to Coimbra to sell their onions. Are figs, tomatoes and beans addition to the types of onions sold.
  • Opera in Óbidos
    For several years, the medieval fortress town of Óbidos an opera festival in August. The operas take place at the castle in the open air.
  • Feira de São Bernardo
    The Fair of St. Bernard since the Middle Ages held annually in Alcobaça. St. Bernard was the founder of the Cistercian Order. The scholarship was founded by farmers and artisans to exchange and sell products. Currently, this traditional event unites modernity, a wide range of products and lots of animation. The fair features an exhibition of crafts and activities in equestrian and motor skills. There are also traditional treats and irresistible desserts and is enlivened by regional music and animation.